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Canada Goose Online I recently received a kind offer from Alison Siegler, Clinical Professor of canada goose Law and Director of the University of Chicago Law School Federal Criminal Justice Clinic, for an update on the extraordinary litigation her clinic has done in response to so called “stash house stings” in which federal agents lure defendants into seeking to rob a (non existent) canada goose outlet drug stash house. In this post last year, I highlighted this lengthy Tribune headlined “ATF sting operation accused of using racial bias in finding targets, with majority being minorities,” on this topic. Alison update is so detailed and interesting, I will need three posts to report all she has to report. This first one covers what she calls “sentencing Victories”: Canada Goose Online

canadian goose jacket The Federal Criminal Justice Clinic that I founded canada goose clearance sale and direct at the University of Chicago Law School has engaged in systemic litigation against fake stash house robbery cases in Chicago. The FCJC approached the legal issue Canada Goose Parka of racially selective law enforcement in Canada Goose Outlet an innovative fashion by coordinating across cases and bringing empirical evidence to bear. ATF Sting Operation Accused of Using Racial Bias in Finding Targets the Majority of Them Being Minorities, Chicago Tribune (Mar. 3, 2017). Last December, the Canada Goose sale 9 federal judges presiding over these cases held a joint evidentiary hearing on our motions, an unprecedented occurrence. See Was Racial Profiling Behind ATF Stash House Stings? Chicago Judges to Take Up Landmark Case Today, Chicago Tribune (Dec. 13, 2017); Court Decision Could Force Changes to ATF’s Undercover Operations, NPR: Morning Edition (Dec. 15, 2017). canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket When the FCJC began this litigation, canada goose black friday sale our clients were facing 15 to 25 year mandatory minimums canada goose clearance and canada goose coats far higher sentences under the federal Sentencing Guidelines. Attorney’s Office in Chicago made highly unusual plea offers in Canada Goose online all of the cases, offering to dismiss all of the remaining mandatory minimum gun and drug charges. See Under Pressure by Judges, Prosecutors to Offer Plea Deals in Controversial Drug Stash House Cases, Chicago Tribune (Feb. 21, 2018). buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store Of the 43 clients who participated in our selective enforcement challenge, 34 have now been sentenced. Fully 27 of the 34 received sentences of “time served,” despite requests by the government for within Guidelines sentences that ranged as high as 12 years. The remaining clients received significantly below Guidelines sentences. Canada Goose Jackets The chart linked here depicts these incredible outcomes and is being filed publicly with the judges to show that time served sentences are now the norm in these cases. As a result of the plea offers and time served sentences, clients on bond were allowed to remain in the community, clients in buy canada goose jacket cheap custody were promptly released, and our clients collectively were spared hundreds of years in prison. These remarkable results are attributable to the tremendous efforts of everyone in the FCJC: Professor Erica Zunkel (the Associate Director of the FCJC), Professor Judith Miller, and the many students who worked on the litigation. canada goose store

canada goose cheap Canada Goose coats These extraordinary sentencing outcomes show the power of litigating creatively and demonstrate that sometimes the fight alone can bring about systemic change, regardless of the legal outcome. Attorney’s Office and the ATF have entirely stopped bringing fake stash house cases in Chicago, even as those cases continue to be prosecuted elsewhere. The FCJC’s litigation also changed the judges’ perspective on these cases. Although Chief Judge Castillo “reluctantly denied” the FCJC’s Motion to Dismiss in his two stash house cases, he canada goose store wrote: “Our criminal justice system should not tolerate false stash house cases in 2018.” States v. Brown, 299 F. Supp. Ill 2018). In particular, he said, “The inherent problems of this District’s false stash house cases must be seen through the lens of our country’s sad history of racism,” id. at 985, and implored the government to “relegat[e]” them to “the dark corridors of our past,” id. at 984; see also Editorial: Even Fighting Capone, Feds Knew Better Than to Resort to Cheap Tricks, Chicago Sun Times (Mar. 13, 2018). In another FCJC case, Judge Gettleman issued a sentencing opinion “express[ing] this court’s disgust with the ATF’s conduct in this case.” United States v. Ill. Sept. 20, buy canada goose jacket 2018) canada goose canadian goose jacket coats canada goose coats on sale.

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