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canada goose outlet black friday At a March hearing in which MillerCoors tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, Pabst attorney Adam Paris said “stunning documents” obtained from MillerCoors show that it went as far as hiring a consultant to “figure out ways to get rid of us.” MillerCoors has canada goose outlet miami called that a mischaracterization of the consultant’s work.The 1999 canada goose outlet price agreement between MillerCoors and Pabst, which was founded in Milwaukee in 1844 but is now headquartered in Los Angeles, expires in 2020 but provides for two possible five year extensions. The companies dispute how the extensions should be negotiated: MillerCoors argues that it has sole discretion to determine whether it can continue brewing for Pabst, whereas Pabst says the companies mustwork”in good faith” to find a solution if Pabst wants to extend the agreement but MillerCoors lacks the capacity.Pabst needs 4 million to 4.5 million barrels brewed annually andclaimsMillerCoors is its only option. It is seeking more than $400 million in damages and for MillerCoors to be ordered to honor its contract.During 2015 negotiations about extending the contract, MillerCoors announced it would close its brewing facility in Eden, North Carolina, and that it eventually might have to shutter another facility in Irwindale, California canada goose outlet black friday.

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