In his “Every Good Boy Does Fine” piece, Denk questions the music lesson clichs found in popular culture: “the mind games and power plays,” “the psychological torment” linked to music studies. He goes on to wonder if his experience was different. Indeed, in his training, fear, shame, and humiliation play roles almost equal to practice.

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Each needs the other. To get 50,000 new well paid jobs would be a game changer for most cities anywhere. It is not just the jobs themselves and the services required by the people who move in though typically one entirely new job will create another four.

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“Life Begins at the Baby Incubator,” read one of the signs at his displays essentially a ward with babies in the glass cribs that drew huge crowds at world’s fairs, on the Atlantic City boardwalk and Coney Island’s Luna Park. Couney invited desperate parents to bring him their preemies, and he paid for their care with the 25 cents he charged for admission. A century before reality TV, premature infants were put on display in primitive incubators.

To consider those teams part of Packers history would only cheapen it. What’s more, there has been plenty of shoddy research done on Abrams and others. Yes, evidence suggests Thomas Skenandore was the first player in Green Bay to get paid for his services.

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With the diversity that Black Locust Society has brought to Broward County, there is no shortage of talented 20 somethings making music of all kinds and certainly no shortage of the hip hop sound within the confines of a group. Though there is one that stands out above the rest this year, and while the hunt for Best Hip Hop Act grew increasingly more difficult the closer to deadline, Gaps (Ricardo Tejeda) gave a performance a notch above at this year’s Block x Blog festival that sealed it for New Times. With rhythms that break tradition and soar beyond delay and feedback, Gaps has been refining his sound for the past ten years here in Broward.

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After a caller reported hearing what sounded like gunshots coming from a house. Officers reported they could hear female voices inside the house, but no one answered a phone call. A minute later, a young girl came to the door and admitted the officers.

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This photo combination shows some of the victims of the mass shooting that occurred at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. Top row from left are: Heather Warino Alvarado, Steven Berger, Denise Burditus, Sandy Casey, Andrea Castilla, Denise Cohen, Austin Davis and Tom Day Jr.

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