Politicos, we love politics. New Hampshire is where politics is. It where you get access to the candidates and to be honest with you, we wouldn have the same access to John Kasich or even Donald Trump in the state of Maryland, he said. In Allentown, Pa., in the Lehigh Valley, 52 year old Jim Yourgal put on knee high snow boots and trudged three miles to his job as a valet at an orthopedic center. He figured he wouldn be driving home in a foot of snow. His dedication was no big deal, he said..

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As to those weapons stored in Clifford’s Tower in 1669: they included 127 old swords and scabbards, 39 pikes and nine willow staves, but also ‘one tonne of match’ (ie fuse); 55 short matchlock muskets; pistols, carbines, shot (ie bullets) and ’81 hand grenadoes’. Hand grenades? In 1669? This was just nine years after King Charles II had been restored to the throne, and Clifford’s Tower was clearly still being used as an armoury. Little wonder it was badly damaged by an explosion and fire a few years later in 1684..

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We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior, we will ban the commenter. Things couldn’t have started much worse for the Capilano University men’s soccer team in the 2015 season. The Blues began their campaign with a record of 0 5 1 in September, planting themselves firmly at the bottom of the PacWest standings. The coaches and players, however, didn’t panic.

(AP) A massive warehouse fire in central New Jersey burning out of control for more than half a day has generated enough smoke to be detected by weather radar and forced some school closures. Thursday at Veterans Industrial Park. Officials said Friday morning that the blaze is still not under control..

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So ultimately, you just another calculating country carpetbagger like Bon Jovi and Jewel. Only you jumping on a pickup truck bandwagon that ran out of gas years ago. For somebody as desperate to appear hip as you seem to be, that ain somewhere you wanna be..

When you play a college level sport you spend so much time together traveling, practicing and most of the time even living together. You would expect to get tired of each other at some point, but we never did. We always had fun; we were always able to laugh.”.

Hitting their stride, they moved into their signature dance for “You Got It (the Right Stuff),” causing the crowd to go even more crazy. Special effects included a center stage that moved in a circular motion that raised and lowered depending on the song and single platforms for each member, allowing the audience to “spend time” with each one of the band. With the costume changes, NKOTB’s show could rival Lady Gaga’s, perhaps just not as weird.

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