We hope you are all READY to EMPOWER 4000 undergraduates students in University Malaya TOMORROW (5th September 2017)!

Truly a HISTORIC initiative!


1. Kindly BE IN Dewan Tunku Chansellor (DTC) anytime from 11am – 11.30am to collect your DARTS T-shirt and get changed!

2. PLEASE be prepared! Read your guidelines, refresh the activities/experiential learning tools to be done in your respective workshop

3. Dresscode
DARTS Official Tshirt with BLACK PANTs/JEANS or LONG skirts (for females)


11.00am – 11.45am : Collection of DARTS T-shirt and GET CHANGED!

11.45am – 12.00pm : Briefing & Grouping by College

12.00pm : Standby for Facilitators’ Acknowledgement. Be ready at BACK STAGE to come on stage when Prof Dr Suresh invites all up

12.30pm : Final Briefing and Lunch

1.15pm : Board the BUS to College

Group 1 – 5 : BUS A
Group 6 – 10 : BUS B

1.30pm : Prepare, Recky the 4 locations & Standby for Workshop

2.00pm : Overall Team Leaders to
a) Introduce Facilitators (after intro, immediately rush to the workshop & be on standby!)
b) Introduce DARTS
c) Play DRUGS Video
d) Get Students to copy town the DIAGRAM from TIME WASTAGE Module
e) Final Energizer : SHOUT D.A.R.T.S

2.10pm : Students will be broken into 4 groups and settle down.

2.15pm : Concurrent Workshop to START. Each session 40 minutes ONLY.

5.00pm: Wrap up with FEEDBACK form completed

* in the last session, EACH FACI  must give out the 25 feedback form and collect it back immediately (RANDOM SAMPLING for our report to UM Management)

5.15pm : UM Bus will come and pick up all facilitators and bring to Kompleks Perdana Siswa

5.30pm: Tea Break

5.45pm : Vote of Appreciation by Deputy Vice Chancellor, UM and Thank you note by Prof Dr Suresh

6.15pm : Farewell

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